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We have the experience to take care of the complicated legal issues, so our clients can concentrate on getting healthy. Attorney Pratcher’s experienced staff is here and ready right now to take your call. When you hire Attorney Pratcher, he will work extremely hard to protect your legal rights and get you all the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Some Of The Steps To Maximize The Value Of The Case
• Take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with notice and the other requirements in the insurance policy.
• Determine the applicable statute of limitations. This is very important because failure to comply with deadlines will result in the loss of your right to make a claim.
• Analyze the applicable statutes and case law in light of the facts of your particular case.
• Gather and preserve evidence.
• Determine all parties who may be liable for your injuries.
• Develop a strategy for the best way to present the facts of your case in order to maximize the dollar recovery.
• Determine the full extent of damages for all injuries – including pain and suffering, cost of medical care, and lost wages.

Free Consultation
If you or someone you know has been injured in a work accident, motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or medical negligence action, contact Attorney Pratcher today for your free consultation. It won’t cost you anything to see if we can help. No matter where you are located, we are just a phone call away, 302-803-5291 and we will even come to you.