Do I need a lawyer?

Justice is not automatic, even when it’s clear you’ve been injured by the actions of a person or a company.

To protect your legal rights, a number of issues must be carefully considered and handled. These include:
• complying with deadlines,
• dealing with the insurance company,
• preserving evidence to prove your case, and
• taking advantage of all benefits afforded under the law.

These issues can be complex, and any error can be costly to you and your case. If you make a mistake, such as missing a deadline or notification requirement in an insurance policy, you or a loved one could lose the right to make a claim.
These are just a few reasons why not having a legal representative is a risky choice. Insurance companies are in the business to make money, and they do this by trying to pay you or a loved one as little as they can or nothing at all.

The Insurance Adjuster Is Not On Your Side
No matter how nice the insurance adjuster is to you, they work for the insurance company and not for you. Their goal is to minimize the value of your claim. It is just that simple. It is your attorney’s job is to protect your rights and maximize the value of your claim.

Free Consultation
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